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September 6, 2017

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Knox Aegis back protector

November 2, 2017


We all know how dangerous it can be riding a Motorbike and we all know the risks but that's never going to stop us is it. The only thing that could stop is if something were to happen that would make us unable.. Scary thought or harsh truth? I wouldn't like to take the risk of scrimping on protective gear, something that could possibly save my life..


Knox have been developing and producing back protectors since 1981 when they launched the 1st commercially available back protector under the Pro-Tek brand name. So I think it's safe to say Knox are experts when it comes to back protectors. Knox continued to grow over the decades and branched out to other forms of armour making themselves very well known in the biking world and bagging themselves many awards for their products along the way. 



The importance of back protectors should really be common knowledge to bikers because spinal injuries are a serious and regular occurring problem in motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately it's not the case with a lot of bikers riding with out one at all simply because they are ignorant to the facts or the usual excuses like "It's uncomfortable" or "I can't fit one into my leathers" and so on.

It's a subject I'm quite passionate about in case you haven't already noticed, I could have lost friends if it wasn't for good armour.. I could go on and on about why all bikers should be wearing one and the different kinds but instead I'm going to include this link to the "Back Protector Guide" by the experts themselves.




My choice is the best-selling Knox Aegis, a Level 2 back protector (the highest rating of the CE approved back-protectors). The Aegis is suitable for extreme cold or hot temperatures making it suitable for a range of action sports not just Motorcycles. 


The Aegis's technology also provides total freedom of movement making it perfect for action sports where performance and flexibility is needed. The flexible sliding spine protection moves freely over the shock absorbing honeycomb providing that freedom of movement which still being protected. I've never had a back protector that provides such freedom of movement and I found myself quite fascinated by the way the spine protection slides because I had never seen technology like this used on back protectors before. You really don't know it's there once it's on because it doesn't feel at all restrictive.



It also features open cell technology and a breathable spacer fabric liner which is to help assist airflow to keep the rider cool which can also be removed to be machine washed.



Multi position waist straps give the best fit to a individual with extra adjustment straps on either side to help keep the protector secure and as close to the spine as possible. The straps come across as a bit of a faff to someone who doesn't have one but when you wear it every time you go out on the bike it's just part of getting your kit on and I'm thankful for this system in how it holds it in place so secure. The straps do almost wrap around me twice (slight exaggeration) but I do have a small waist!



Quick release soft shoulder straps provide no discomfort while also including a fitting system for an optional Knox chest protector to be attached.



The low profile design makes sure its not too bulky while no performance is compromised. As I mentioned earlier, I really don't notice it under my gear it doesn't seem to really alter how my gear fits on my top half.


Kidney pads are also included which is a nice reassurance, nothing has been missed with the Aegis. 



The Aegis comes in a variety of sizes making sure to fit each individual correctly. There are sizes available for children, women and men so there really are no excuses. The sizes range from a size 4 plate to a size 9, your individual size is acquired by using Knox's sizing guide which consists of measuring from your waist to shoulder. Mine is a size 6, I'm 5'9 but remember everyone's body shapes are different. Someone might be the same height but their torso may be a completely different size to yours.



My boyfriend is a competitive Motorcycle road racer and upon til recently he was using a hand me down Knox foam back protector from 1998! The view on the matter was something is better than nothing but the truth is like helmets after so long they do need be replaced as they won't work as they were once designed to after so long.

He now has the Aegis in a size 8 for when he's racing the worlds most dangerous road races.

There is also a size 8 "race" available the race goes lower than the standard covering and protecting the coccyx when the rider is tucked in a race position. We went for the standard size 8 for him because he is a motorcycle mechanic that commutes on a motorcycle and often needs to test ride bikes and I wanted him to wear one every time he's on a bike, racing or not. The 8 Race plate is more suited to those who only race as it might feel uncomfortable during normal road riding.


The Knox Aegis is now a staple in my kit, I don't leave without it and I can rest assured knowing I have the best protection for my back designed and produced by experts. 













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