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September 6, 2017

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Ladies Icon Wireform Jacket.

February 21, 2018


I've never used anything by Icon before but I was really looking forward to trying some! Icon are known for their crazy colours and wild designs mainly in the USA but as of recent they are becoming just as popular in the UK.



I've only ever really wore leathers on my bike up until the last 8 months or so but the thought of being a little warmer and more comfortable seemed like a good idea! Icon's Wireform is my idea of a very current textile jacket. I really like the muted but still creative design with the arm and back graphics paired with Icon's huge logos! There are two small 3M reflective accents on the back of the elbows for increased visibility at night. In fact every time someone has seen me in this jacket for the first time they've said to me "That's a nice jacket, where's that from" seriously.



I never really liked textiles because they always seemed to fit me really badly and make me look about 4 sizes larger than I am. However the Wireform is different from the average textile jacket and it fits differently too... The Wireform is without a doubt has the most flattering fit of a textile jacket I have ever tried on. It's not bulky at all and It fits snug in all the right places, apart from the elbows... It comes with pre curved sleeves, (something Icon say benefits sport bike riders) that's fine but I do have to put my helmet on first before this jacket because when I bend my arms it tightens up around the inside of my elbows to a point of cutting of circulation or at least that's what it feels like. The Wireform does have elbow pads but to be honest I'd rather just put my helmet on first than loose the protection, so I can live with this, it doesn't affect me while riding at all, it's only when reaching up. I would also add that it comes a little short, only really noticed it on the R6 I rode but I think how short it is adds to the overall feminine look, if it was longer I don't think it would look as good but I am really quite tall...



As briefly mentioned above the jacket comes with all round built in, removable D30 armour. This type of armour is becoming extremely popular lately with it's flexibility and soft feel combined with it's ability to lock on impact. It's surprising how many textiles come without armour so I was happy to see such good armour in the Wireform. The armour doesn't move around too much but occasionally I do have to push it back into place.



The "insulated SatinCore™ liner" it comes with sure does look pretty but it doesn't actually do an awful lot in temperatures sub 10 degrees. The wind does tend to go straight through this jacket but Icon did only ever say it was a 3 season jacket and I've been testing it in the depths of winter... I actually removed the lining in the end, instead I wear my Knox Armour Cold Killer (windproof) jacket underneath and this combination works brilliantly! The original lining should be fine for the majority of the year.



The Wireform name refers to the Dynax mesh which is said to have a high performance of abrasion resistance. The fabric is coated with polyurethane and has no exposed zips however it does only have level one waterproofing, I've been pairing it with the Icon PDX waterproof over jacket and this works great for me.



The pockets on the front are quite small but my Samsung S8 Plus fits in with a push so no real issues. There are also two inside pockets which is always a bonus but again the inside zip one is on the smaller side however there is a larger mesh pocket down the side to compensate. You would probably struggle to open the zip pockets with gloves on as the zips are on the smaller side and concealed but I always take my gloves off first anyway so again not an issue for me personally.



What I love most about this jacket is how easy it is, coming from someone who's a full, race kit warrior the ease of throwing this jacket on is really appealing to me and I'm finding myself reaching for it a lot more than I ever thought I would! It's trendy, fits perfect and has the most current armour all round, for me that's enough to justify the price tag. I'd like to see Icon broaden their colour range of the Womens Wireform to more than just Black and Pink due to the fact there are 5 colour options in the Mens version but I'm still happy with the all black! It really is a good option for Women, I would definitely recommend it and it's perfect for just nipping about town or commuting to work (Just not so much in Winter). I would definitely purchase one for myself  for Spring, Summer and Fall. I would also consider other products from Icon after my experience with this one.



 You can read my full review on the Icon Wireform here; https://mag.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/reviews/icon-ladies-wireform-textile-jacket-review/


Available for purchase below;





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