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September 6, 2017

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Knox Zero 2 Gloves

January 27, 2018

"The Knox Winter Glove – a superior warm, waterproof, winter riding glove with OutDry®"


Winter gloves... I'm sure we've all had a pair at some point in our riding life. I'm also sure we've had issues with them whether it's them being way too bulky to feel anything, leaking water, or finger linings that come out every time you pull your hand out of them. They can be really frustrating but when the temperatures deteriorate during Winter we really wouldn't want to be rocking around in our Summer gloves. The other thing I dislike about Winter gloves is the lack of protection, considering I wear my Handroids all the time I'm sure you can imagine this is a concern for me.



Luckily though, I think I've found myself a perfect pair of Winter gloves that tick all the boxes.


The Zero 2 gloves are proof that the Knox team really do think about everything... They have a laminated membrane which covers all of the leather on the glove also sealing the stitching to prevent water finding it's way in, making them 100% waterproof and believe me they are. This is Knox's OutDry® technology which also makes them windproof, important for a set of Winter gloves because if it's not the rain, it's the wind chill that's going to make our ride unpleasant. Despite the Zero's ability to block out the wind and rain they remain breathable allowing body vapour to easily push through the glove, keeping your hands dry on the inside. The insides are lined with Bemberg polyester micro fleece and Primaloft insulation 115g for effective heat insulation, a lining that's secure and won't come out when you pull your hand out.




I've been using the Zero 2 for a few months now in various "Winter" temperatures, I found that below around 5 degrees my finger tips do get cold after about 15 minutes or so of riding but anything above my fingers and hands are kept warm. To me this is impressive considering they aren't awfully bulky meaning I can still use all my switch gear easily. I'm not too fussy about bulky gloves but I know a lot of people are because they feel it restricts their feeling of the throttle, brake and clutch or just how it makes using the switch gear difficult. I've tried various Winter gloves and I would say regarding "usability" these would come at the higher end of the spectrum making them appeal to even the "fussy glove riders".


What I really love about the Zero 2 is how much protection they have for a Winter glove... They feature impact-absorbing medical-grade gel which is under the hard shell floating knuckle protection and the Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) on the palm as seen on my Handroids. 

Made with Cow hide leather and Kangaroo leather on the palms, these gloves appeal to me much more than a set of textile gloves that probably wouldn't fair very well in a fall.



They also feature the "H2o Blade" on the left thumb, This is a small rubber blade for clearing your visor of rain and it works brilliantly! I really appreciate it being there as I do use it quite a lot. Something to bare in mind though, is to be careful if you have say a mirrored visor because if there is any form of grit on your visor and you go to wipe it you could possibly scratch it but I haven't had any issues with my clear or mirrored visors. Then there's the index finger with Touchscreen technology, a great addition for any glove. You aren't going to be able to text your mates mind you, the fingers are a little too big for that but you can do the basic stuff that you would probably be doing at the side of the road.



The zips on the cuff could have probably benefited with a larger zip, it can be a bit of a challenge trying to zip the other side up when you already have one glove on but that's if you are being picky, I tend to just leave these zips open and use the velcro on the wrist. 


I would say they are true to sizing, I'm a Small in the Handroids and a Small in these too. They fit nice and the cuffs aren't too tight so you fit a thick jacket under but I will say for some reason the little finger on both are too long for me so there is some extra room at the end but I don't really use my little finger for anything that it would become an issue for.



Overall these are definitely my favourite Winter gloves at the moment, they tick all the boxes for me and more! I've had them for 3 months and I've also been commuting in them everyday and they haven't let me down once. In my 7 years of riding I have tried and tested plenty of Winter gloves and these are definitely at the top!



My video review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ky0Fu6Ar3I













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